Investing Tools

It’s important to choose the right tools to help you stay on top of your investments. These tools should be reliable, safe, and user-friendly resources that you trust.

Below are the current investing tools I personally use, trust, and recommend.

Disclosure: Some links below may be affiliate or referral links. If purchasing through these links, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Earnings will be re-invested into this website. Thank you for your patronage.

Robinhood – My Main Stock Trading Platform


Robinhood Financial is a commission-free trading platform that I use to buy and sell stocks.

I’ve been using Robinhood since mid-2019 and have been happy with their services. (Check out this article I wrote about Robinhood: Is Robinhood Safe to Use? What Are the Pros and Cons?)

Robinhood gives its users referral links to share with their friends and followers. This referral link provides both the referral and the referee one free stock when someone signs up. No money is needed to get the free stock.

Use my Robinhood referral link to get started trading with a free stock.

BlockFi – Where I Earn Interest In Crypto

Is BlockFi a Safe Place to Put My Crypto?

BlockFi is a secured non-bank lender that offers cryptocurrency and crypto-backed USD products to crypto owners.

The product I use is their BlockFi Interest Account, which allows me to earn interest on bitcoin and Ethereum. The interest is paid out monthly and in the currency of your choice.

Read the article, Is BlockFi a Safe Place to Put My Crypto?, where I cover BlockFi products, supported currencies, interest rates, risk, how they make money, and BlockFi security.

Use my BlockFi referral link and we’ll both get $10 in bitcoin (BTC) if you deposit $100 or more into your account.

Gemini – Where I Earn Interest on Dogecoin and Use as a Backup Crypto Trading Platform

Use my Gemini referral link and get $10 in bitcoin (BTC) when you deposit $100 or more.

Note: when navigating to the referral link, they use the words promo code:

“Join Gemini with your friend’s promo code and you’ll both receive $10 of bitcoin after you buy or sell $100.”

It just means sign up using the referral link, no actual promo code is needed.

TurboTax – What I Use to File Taxes

intuit turbotax

The ROI for investing in yourself pays dividends. This year, 2021, was the first time I did taxes on my own and I’m never going to pay an accountant again.

I used Intuit TurboTax to file my taxes, which took about an hour to get done. The user interface was simple and intuitive as their company name suggests. Additionally, on each page, Intuit provides helpful answer boxes to and questions that may arise while filing taxes. If I can figure it out, me – just a regular person, you can take control of your taxes and figure it out, too.

Intuit TurboTax generated a referral link for me to share and give a 20% discount. For every referral, they gift me a small commission at no extra cost to you.